Three Extra Curricular Activities Every Bar Should Have – Escape and Vape On A Night Out With Us

alchemistnys-bar213We believe that visiting a bar should be an experience to remember.  If you are hitting the town in the evening it should be about having fun and creating those memories that are so often lost on a hard days work or life’s more traditional responsibilities.  Where the day can be dull, the night can be filled with excitement and dreams over a few drinks among friends and strangers alike.  As a bar owner its our job to not only make patrons feel welcome and safe but to create an environment that encourages happiness and joyous times.  A great bar is a place to escape from all the trials and tribulations of life, leaving them at the door while kicking back to enjoy the positives of living and the many things we have to be thankful.  When building the bar experience for customers and clients sure we all know great food and drinks should be a part of the equation but what else should be included in the mix to assure a great time?  Lets take a look at some of the newer additions we have added to create a platform of comfort and fun that will keep visitors coming back time and time again.

New Bar Extra Curricular Activity Every Establishment Should Have Number One: A Vape Space

We have been in the bar business a long time and ever since smoking indoors was banned we noticed a slight decrease in not only business but the overall satisfaction of some customers also went down as smoking and drinking largely go hand and hand in a social setting.  While smoking cigarettes is trending down as of late smoking a vape pen seems to be trending up and this is one popular new pastime we have embraced ourselves at the bar.  Vaping is becoming much more accepted in the mainstream and its a perfect compliment to the bar experience.  If you are looking for a vape pen and dab pen friendly bar then you have come to the right place and we think all bars should  think the same.

New Bar Extra Curricular Activity Every Establishment Should Have Number Two: Group Games   

We recently introduced group fantasy sports and a group poker league to the bar and both endeavors have been met with nothing  but praise and success.  Hanging out at the bar should be about meeting people and getting to know others and group games are a great way to get people out of their shell.  Regardless if its poker, pool or darts every bar needs activities that multiple can participate in.  Who wants to go to a bar with no personal interactions?  Not us!

New Bar Extra Curricular Activity Every Establishment Should Have Number Three: Music

There is nothing worse then going to a bar only to find there is no music playing.  Regardless if it is Karaoke, a live band, a DJ or a jukebox every bar experience should come with some type of musical option or attribute.  Music is what gets the mind, body and magic going and should always be included during any late night carousing.  Music has the ability to inspire and invoke joy and emotion and makes for a perfect compliment to the bar experience.  For us the more music the merrier which is why we an entire separate room set up for jamming out and dancing.  Fire up the band and turn up the music is our motto so lets get to rocking together soon.



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