On-Premise Alcoholic Beverages

On-Premise Alcoholic Beverages – How Important Our Spirits In Raising Spirits At A Restaurant or Bar

technomic-2015-bar-and-restaurant-alcohol-sales-growth-infographic-1When we go out to eat or a night on the town we often want to have a cocktail or beverage or two as we enjoy our time hanging out. Having the correct cocktail menu and cultivating the appropriate spirit experience can often be the difference between a bar, nightclub, restaurant or saloon succeeding and one that quickly fails and drives away customers. While consumer behavior often changes and tastes and preferences can vary by season we still make every effort at the Pineapple Saloon to keep our ears and eyes open for the latest trends and needs of the current clientele. One of the best ways to do this is to stay on top of the numbers and this Technomic infographic that breaks down some of the more important bar based statistics is a great example of how restaurants and other alcoholic vendors can use studies and surveys to improve their business. Let take a look at a few of our favorites and some of the ideas we have used to make our Saloon all the more successful.

Alcoholic Beverages Bar Stat #1 – 47.7% Percentage of Dollar Share By Category For Beer (Spirits (33.7%), Wine (18.6))

What this number really highlights is how much of the drinking population truly loves beer. With around half of most businesses alcoholic sales revolving around beer this should be a red flag to all bar and restaurant owners to have more beer options available which is certainly the stance we have taken and one that has paid dividends so far. We have included more tap beers, more bottled and can beers as well as more beer cocktails to menu to wildly successful results. Ever had a beer cocktail before? What one is your favorite?

Alcoholic Beverages Bar Stat #2 – 2.3% Yearly Overall Alcohol Expenditure Growth For Bars / Nightclubs (2015)

With bars, saloons and nightclubs being fourth on the list in terms of overall alcohol sales growth behind lodging (4.7%) and fine-dining restaurants (4.3%) and casual-dining restaurants (2.7%) there is a clear need for such places to be innovative and creative when it comes to marketing and expansion. What this tells us is that by bringing in more of a restaurant and lodge feel to our bar will give us a better chance to increase revenue. We have spent a lot of effort focusing on the food and comfort aspect of our saloon and we can report that the strategy is paying off.

Alcoholic Beverages Bar Stat #3 – 30% Percentage Growth Rate of Bellini / Mimosa As One Of The Fastest Growing Alcoholic Beverages On Leading Chain Restaurant Menus (percentage increase in menu incidence)

A lot of times when major players in the industry pick up on a trend or start focusing on certain areas its a good sign that the mom and pop bars and restaurants should be doing the same. With deeps research pockets and access to large amounts of consumer behavior data there changes to there business should be closely followed by all in the same sector. When we first learned of this growing trend we immediately added Bellini’s and Mimosa’s to our offerings as well as now run some focused marketing around the two drinks. Its been a great new sales segment and its statistics like this that really inspire us to try new things that will result in success.

Have a drink or cocktail idea you want to see implemented at the Saloon. Let us know as we are always looking for new ideas!

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